LoveSICK: UX Design

Problem Statement: Have you heard about Tinder, OKCupid, Happn, CoffeeMeetsBagel, Match and more..??? There are over 2000 mobile apps on the market right now that made for love. But on the other hand, when the love faces with failure, there is currently 0 app that made for desperate love. How poor are those people :(

Objective: Create the new multi-services that can heal or unless mitigate your mental distress caused by a love failure.

Solution: For those males or females who suffering with an overwhelming love depression, LoveSICK is a mobile application that offers best-friend services that can heal, support and cheer users up!!

Product Features

  • Memory Eraser: Auto block person who hurts your feeling, with one click applied on every platforms including social media and mobile storage 
  • Plan: Provide a hurt management alongside timeline 
  • LoveCommendations: Offer helpful advices, nice places and new activities to do, also avoiding the memorable spots that you and your-ex been together 
  • Talk: Socialize with peers and professional psychiatrists 

Persona Development:

User Tasks:

Site Map:

Conceptual Wireframes: