2 years working as a film director, I created over 30 TV commercials on-air in Asia. Not including more experimental videos. 




TV Commercial (2017)

All 3D model animation with the sense of realistic art installation, I was assigned by ADaptor Thailand to create a movie of house construction from a white box model to finished ones. The challenge of this project is how to create a real art installation ambience from artificial 3D models. Me and my team (The Post Bangkok) have only 2.5weeks to makes it happen. We are unable to produce a high details object due to the limited time of rendering. So White-on-white with high-bumped grain and textures are our art direction. 


TV Commercial (2010)

Co-directed with Siwakorn Charupongsa, the film director in Thailand, I spent 2 months developing the storyline and finalizing the anime characters. Emonegy is the new energy drink brand for teenager. The clients want to express their beverage benefit (that can boost up energy and emotion of drinker) in this TVC and effectively communicate to the target with own their languages. Therefore we came up with cartoon-like animation that amplify the strongful effect of this energy drink.

Tough & Tumble

TV Commercial (2015)

Initially started everything about this project from scratch, I conducted the production team to deliver a new commercial for Tough & Tumble, Brooklyn-based Men's brand. Covered on all creative, producer and film director's responsibilities, we successfully manifest the video that reflects a hipster-manly image under Barber Moment Campaign. The story is about a guy who got pissed was well treated by barber-like styling. This moment usually happens every time when using Tough & Tumble.


TV Commercial (2011)

In 2011 Bic, the French pen brand, want to create new TVC for launching in southeast asia market. The idea is a big achievement starts when you start sketching. The story is pretty simply. We design the story that every time you draw something with bic ball point pen, the drawing will be flown out of paper into the air. The blue drawing graphic sketched by characters; designer-architect-a group of musicians; represents their personal imagination. As a commercial film director, I took responsibility for developing the storyline, directing actors/actresses and cooperating with CG house for the animation.


TV Commercial (2012)

This is the unique campaign in Thailand that promoting people to do a meditation at temple on New Year eve. It's a Buddhist belief that your next year will going to be great, if you start with a good spiritual. The idea is to compare the common countdown activity where young teenagers usually go to clubs with a tranquil activity like mediation. Also this is the first film that I directed.